Read about factors that affect broadband speed

There are a number of factors that can affect your broadband connection speeds. Many of these factors can’t be changed. For example, the distance you live away from the telephone exchange. However, there are a number of things that can be changed, such as improving your internal wiring, isolating old obsolete telephone extensions or installing accelerators

How you can benefit from a BT accelerator.

Your broadband can slow down if your telephone extension wiring picks up electrical interference from TVs, lights and any other everyday equipment. Fit an accelerator to your phone socket and it will filter out this interference. The result should be a faster broadband service.

If you have more than one working phone socket in your home you are sure to benefit from an accelerator. Call us today for an instant, no obligation quote.

Find out if your telephone extensions are affecting your speeds

If you have telephone extensions around the home and a BT master socket then you should be able to conduct this simple 3 part experiment.

1. Firstly without changing the way that you are connected to the internet run the speed test link to find out your broadband speed. The important figure to note is the download speed.
2. Once you have noted your download speed isolate your internal telephone extensions by unscrewing the faceplate of the BT master socket. Plug your router or modem directly into the engineers test point.
3. Once you have done this reconnect to the internet and conduct another broadband speed test. If there is a substantial difference in your broadband speed then your telephone extensions are reducing your broadband speed.

An improvement in speed may not be immediate. You may need to leave your router plugged into the test point with your extensions isolated for up to 3 days. This gives the BT exchange a chance to monitor your line and check whether it is more stable.